Sometimes the only cure is to create.

The grinding gears of a frustrated soul churn the waters of poetry

and sets fingers afire.


You are a creative being.

Within you is that fire,

that water,

that earth.

That wind that blows when pressure systems build and meet in the atmosphere.

Droplets fall to the sizzling earth

and smoke rises to tell the tale that you have worth beyond what others see and name and label.


We are all storms.

Electric bolts of pure energy.

Thunderous roar and roll, the sky groaning over dry ground.


Grasses ablaze with light and heat and the promise of regeneration,
and I am holding the match.


No one tells the rain where to fall

or the wind where to roam.

Or the tide when to rise.


No one owns the rights to the sky.

We all ride this heaving earth together, at the mercy of her whims.


So go; find your fire, plunge your ocean, breathe your wind.

Get down and dirty in your soil, barefoot in the wet earth and arms raised in challenge to the clouds.

It is in you. It is in all of us.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you it’s not.



It’s been a dry few months here on my blog. Today I am finding the silver linings in life’s storms – because they force the creative juice out of us! Is there some negative energy in your world right now? You can turn it into something beautiful, I promise. Let me know what you do with it.