The Pilgrim’s Handbook

Hi Friends, welcome to The Pilgrim’s Handbook.

People often ask me for book recommendations, great podcasts, and online resources to help navigate the sometimes-cloudy waters of being somewhat of a spiritual misfit. So, I have decided to begin collating a whole bunch of stuff that I have found helpful, insightful, and comforting over the last ten years or so.

There’s nothing here just yet, but eventually you will find different categories in the menu, with plenty of resources in each to keep you busy or meet particular needs. There’ll be books and blogs of course, podcasts and videos, all the way through to music, movies, even online communities. Some will have reviews (if I have personally read/experienced the resource), and others come highly recommended to me by others – you’ll be able to see all this info listed under each resource.

So bear with me, the Pilgrim’s Handbook is a work in progress (just like us). But, hopefully it gets fatter as time goes on, and you can all find something helpful, useful, inspiring, or just enjoyable! And please feel free to send through you own resources, reviews and recommendations if you think they’d be a good fit, and I may just include them in the handbook.

Peace, Bree.