About the Priscillas

Acknowledgement of Country
We acknowledge that we pray, discern, learn, and write on land which Aboriginal people have been custodians of since time immemorial. We honour this history and commit ourselves to working for right relationships between people, with the land, and with the Creator Spirit.

The Priscillas operates under the premise that theology is simply having conversations about who God is, and what God is doing. As John Wimber said: “Everyone gets to play”. We all get to participate in the ‘doing’ of theology — theology belongs to all of us. There are no gatekeepers, there are no hoops to jump through before one is qualified to join the conversation or claim a seat at the table.

I love this quote from author Sarah Bessey, “Theology is simply what we think about God and then living that truth out in our right-now lives” (from Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith). For the members of The Priscillas, our writing is a part of living out that truth.

On a practical level, The Priscillas exists to promote the individual and collective diverse voices of Australian women of faith online.

The core belief of The Priscillas is that women belong equally, and that women’s voices matter — in fact that they are vital to a whole understanding of the heart of God — whether those voices are practical, academically theological, creative (i.e. story-telling, poetry), or any other kind: all are welcome!


The Priscillas exists to see the elevation of Australian female writers who communicate wider truths about faith, God, church and life, and to help them grow in their gifts, stepping into their calling in greater ways through the encouragement of championing of each other. The overall vision is to see and read more Australian female voices writing about faith, whether on the internet or in print.


Got More Questions? Read on…

Firstly, we commit to acknowledging and heeding the wisdom from the voices of Indigenous women. The first peoples of Australia share a connection to this land, its long history, and its deep spirituality, spanning tens of thousands of years. Therefore, those of us who are newer inhabitants commit to putting aside our assumptions and arrogance, to firstly listen and learn, and then to act.

We of course welcome expat, immigrant and refugee voices, and understand that great beauty and strength lie in the diversity of these voices. If you call Australia your home, or call yourself Australian, you’re welcome here.

Our collective voice, as Australian Female Faith Writers, is totally different to the voices coming out of the US and other parts of the globe, so it is important to cultivate that, to nurture it, explore it and promote it. We are part of a bigger story, yes — but our chapter has a highly unique flavour that enhances the whole narrative.


Though originally conceived as a way to promote the voices of Australian Christian women writing on the internet, The Priscillas is certainly not restricted to those who profess a Christian faith. The Priscillas welcomes women of any faith who embrace the theology of an all-loving God, as well as women who are wrestling with issues of faith, in whatever faith tradition that arises. Promotion of any faith practice (including Christian) that encourages the subjugation, oppression or abuse of women, children, or minority groups is not something that will be endorsed or accepted.


The Priscillas was founded on a basis of the belief that women are full and equal partners in faith, church, and life. The Priscillas operates on the assumption that members hold to the basic belief of equality for women, children, and oppressed peoples.

 Identity Diverse?

Founded under the belief that all are welcomed by a loving God, The Priscillas welcomes whole-heartedly all women of faith as equal members, irrespective of sexuality, gender identity, or expression, including non-binary and trans voices and perspectives. Whilst an affirming or inclusive theology is not prescriptive for members, please be aware that direct, specific or implied campaigning or discrimination against LGBT+ persons is not something condoned in this space. Members should be aware that this network welcomes people who do promote equality and full affirmation for LGBT+ people.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Join us!